Hello world… My Name is Scoop!

I know what you’re thinking… “Scoop could not POSSIBLY be her real name… well I guess it could, but really..?” Well, you’re right. My name isn’t really Scoop, it’s Jamie. Some do know me as Scoop though and it’s not just because I’m always in the know (at least in my own world). It’s more so because I have an insatiable love for ice cream. The texture, the flavor, the variety. There is just so much to love about ice cream that it just completely brings me to life. One scoop of ice cream can turn a glum day into the brightest, can erase a bad encounter, and can cure any illness (this has not been scientifically proven as of yet).

Basically, when I was in my darkest moment, I found inspiration through ice cream, and I am exposing this to you in hopes that you too can be inspired.

Stay tuned to Scoop’s Scoop coming directly to you from me, Scoop, so you can watch my story unfold and learn more about what I find inspiring (especially through food and, of course, ice cream).


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