Scoop of the day…

What a FABULOUS weekend! Between the perfect fall weather, Feast of San Gennaro, and the JETS game, I am in serious sensory overload.

Chris and I kicked the weekend off with a low-key dinner at one of our favorite West Village spots, Dell’Anima. If you want a good dose of culinary inspiration, just step through these doors. You may have an hour wait on your hands, especially if you choose the chef’s table (why would you sit anywhere else), but it is definitely worth it. Not only does this modern Italian fare hit the spot, the service is so consistent and friendly. We sat at the chef’s table and watched the magic happen. The heat from the stove and oven, the aroma wafting off the freshly prepared dishes, and the energy exuding from the chef’s is enough to make you want to throw on an apron and get in on the action. The head chef at the moment, Andrew, is also so friendly… just let the artist do his thing and save the chit-chat for a free minute (his time, not your’s)… he might just toss you a free scoop of their house made gelato if you’re lucky 😉

Chef's Table at Dell'Anima.. they move so fast!

… a scrumptious and romantical Friday night date was followed up by the first real Fall day of 2011, yay! Nothing like a solid run on the West Side highway and a trip through the Feast of San Gennaro to kick it off 🙂 If you haven’t been yet, you only have a couple of days left! Saint’s Feasts are a huge mark  of summer around NYC and NJ, so you should try to show your pride and make an appearance. Get over your claustrophobia for an hour, dance to some old school Italian tunes, skip down Mulberry St, and grab a cannoli…

Holy cannoli was that good!

Last but not least, dare I mention it without jumping out of my seat… the JETS game! What an amazing day guys. I don’t know if words can even describe how perfect it was.. which is why I’ll show you:

Pre Jets beating Jags, 9/18/2011

Girls… even if you aren’t a football fan, and could care less about how bad the Jags played and that the JETS totally demolished them, the weather was phenomenal, the seats were perfect for getting your tan on, and the food was unexpectedly ridiculous. Chris and I, unbeknownst to us, landed two seats in the Touchdown Club, which came complete with a full bar, a grill, sushi, it’s own private food stands, and… a prime rib sandwich bar. Don’t believe me? Check it out..

Prime Rib Sandwich Bar... Observe.

No trip is complete without a scoop of course…

Welsh’s Farm’s soft serve, I prefer the regular hard stuff, but WF is just so nostalgic for me. That’s another story for a different day though.

All in all, my first Fall weekend was packed full of action, flavor, ice cream, and Italian’s (Dell’Anima, San Gennaro’s Feast, and JETS fans). Now, I’ll be joining you back on the couch for one last dose of entertainment, the Emmy’s.

Good night!


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