Scoop of the Day…

Please don’t let this deter you from reading on, but I (pause) am Jewish. Yes, I am a member of The Tribe. And this evening marks our New Year, 5772 to be exact. If you are not a member of The Tribe, then I regret to inform you that this is not your New Year. You have no excuse to reinvent yourself, unless you feel so inclined. You have no reason to re-promise unfulfilled resolutions, unless you feel so inclined. And you have no reason to wear sequins, drink champagne, or stand in the middle of Time Square, unless of course.. you feel so inclined. Alas, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so do not despair… there is a good chance that you WILL be invited to go to a Jewish dinner and, unless you want to bear the wrath of Jewish Mother Guilt, you should feel so inclined.

Rosh Hashana, the New Year, is frequently refered to as the Jewish “Day of Judgement” or “Day of Remembrance.” We pass before God, and he/she/shim evaluates us based on our deeds. If you are not a Tribe Member, than I guess you are omitted from this obligation, but I am definitely feeling the pressure! I’m not entirely sure what kind of “deeds,” per se, I performed throughout the year, but, in order to make up for my lacking thereof, I decided to bake a Challah bread to sway the scale. Challah is sweet for a “sweet” New Year, Challah is the Holiest of baked goods, and Challah feeds the Jews! That has to be a Top 10 “Act of Humanity,” right? You can’t let a Jew go hungry… Neesh Keet (yiddish: Not Good).

Needless to say, my contribution as a Tribe member this year was quite noteworthy. While I am a frequent baker, these past several hours of mixing, kneading, waiting, punching, braiding, and washing had me feeling a bit like Sybil. Baking always asks that you treat your dough either roughly or gently, but, Holy Challah, this bread likes it ALL! I’m surprised no one recommended that I yell at the dough to make it rise even more!

I do have to say that, once the deed was done, I felt proud and satisfied. Proud that, although I thought I totally botched it from the Get-Go, I persisted and saw my project through. Satisfied in that I added to my list of Firsts for the year, and successfully made a beautiful and (hopefully) sweet Challah bread. If you, too, want to add this to your list of accomplishments, please feel free to check out my Recipe Book for a little guidance.

Challah Back!

Happy New Year Tribe Members and Non-Tribe Members! To another year of persistence, satisfaction, and, full bellies 🙂


Scoop of the Day…

Rain is the theme of the day apparently. Rain has been the theme of the past month if you really think about it. And it’s not just a drizzle or a steady, manageable stream we’re talking about. This rain is heavy, this rain is hard, and this rain is in full force. Sometimes, in a traditional rainfall, its fun to think that you can run through rain drops, emerging as the lone dry soldier from the storm while everyone is still hiding in their umbrella barracks fearing a sodden fate. Well, those fearless rain dodgers don’t stand a chance in these recent storms. We’re even starting to trust The Weatherman, and that is not a good sign. Chance of rain you say? Those clouds look too ominous to be a “chance,” I’ll take your word for it. What is this world coming to!? Some say it’s global warming, I say it’s those people in the sky trying to damper our tempers. It’s a difficult world we’re living in right now, and people are getting pissed. The markets are destroyed, politicians are selfishly ignoring the American plea for help, and prices of food at the grocery store are sky rocketing. As the general populace starts boiling over with frustration and anger, the weather is getting more tumultuous. Positive correlation? I think so. Let’s all take a moment here and try to climb that fence to the greener side. Maybe we’ll have fewer earthquakes on the East Coast, less snow in San Francisco, and cooler water on our shores so those damn sharks leave us alone.

I, for one, have decided to embrace the rain. This isn’t new, of course. I learned how to get along with it in Costa Rica where it rained downpoured nearly half the time I was there. As much as you want sunshine and cool breezes, as much as you want world peace and surplus, and as much as you want that shiny new sports car in the Audi showroom window you walk by everyday, we just can’t have our way all the time. We have to make the best of what we’ve got, and today, we have rain.

Today, in this rain, from the safety of mine and Chris’s HQ, I will be making a delicious pot of Roasted Tomato and Garlic Soup, adapted from a food blog I follow, SmittenKitchen. I could not think of a better way to cook up the positive out of a rainy (pseudo)fall day. Not only does this soup distract from the saturated tundra of New York City, but the scent alone is so heavenly that you nearly forget about any vexing thing that happened to you, or that walked by your desk, today… 🙂

Take a look at the recipe in my Recipe Book. It’s extremely easy to make, it totally hits the spot, and it leaves you with enough downtime to get (your degree of) sauced on a soused Friday night.